Work hard. Work together. NEVER GIVE UP.

When the politicians told Vince Ryan that county attorneys should stick to reviewing county contracts with lobbyists and developers, Vince knew our families deserved much more. That’s why Vince has made the county attorney’s office into a powerful voice for those who need government the most.

Vince took on drug dealers to protect our kids from synthetic marijuana and other harmful drugs. He took on scammers to protect our seniors from fraud and elder abuse.

Vince stood up to big polluters to protect our environment and health, winning the biggest settlement ever in a Texas water pollution case. And he took on organized crime to reduce sex trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling, drug dealing and dog fighting.

The big corporations have lobbyists to advocate for them. The wealthy have their money to protect them. What about the rest of us?

Our champion is County Attorney Vince Ryan.